Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back from holiday

So we are back from a fabulous holiday in Northern France. Despite my fears, the house was not a scam and was actually even more idyllic than I pictured. We were in the proper countryside (with occasional wafts of cow poo to prove it) and it was honestly the most beautiful setting you could imagine.

La Hideaway

The garden was so…French. With a grapevine and gooseberries and a hammock. Although we did take along an unwelcome guest (the Norovirus hitched a lift and generously spread itself around to each of us in turn) we still managed to consume vast quantities of cheese, wine and Toulouse sausages. The weather was glorious (amazing what a little bit of channel separation does for the climate) and on the odd night where there was a bit of a chill in the air, we merely used the indoor fireplace to cook our food – now how’s that for a must-have home appliance.

There’ll be more in the next few days but I thought I’d best point out to followers that I haven’t in fact fallen off the face of the earth. Hope I didn’t miss much?


  1. Ah was the holiday for which you were looking fit family friendly lodgings? Looks beautiful. Looking forward to next posts as always good to stock up on child liking holiday spots!
    Hope you had a lovely time :)

    1. It was amazing! So tranquil but with loads to do in the nearby area.
      Will post more soon x

  2. Looks gorgeous - sounds like you've had a lovely time apart from being sick. That cottage looks idyllic.