Tuesday, 26 June 2012

BritMums Live: the highlights

As an infant blogger (not quite three months yet) I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this past weekend. The agenda promised so much - dare I have hoped it would fulfil my expectations?

Right from the start I knew this was a weekend I would never forget. I was overwhelmed with warmth and openness from just about everyone I met (including the lovely man serving champagne – no blogging tips from him though ;)

Special thanks to gorgeous Gourmetmum, Diary of a First Child (hands full with the second beautiful child), hilarious PracticallyPerfectMums, smiley and award-winning AResidence, and lovely Playactivities for sound advice, lovely words, and introductions – much appreciated!

So, my highlights:

1.    Judy Murray’s tennis court made with string and cereal boxes. I’m ashamed to say I’d forgotten how to be creative with ‘nothing’.
2.     The Vitamix blender – because really soup and ice cream in one, how impressive is that?
3.    Vlogging with GeekMummy – started looking up tripods immediately afterwards. Am threatening videos – watch this space.
4.    Sarah Brown and Cherry Healey – both fantastic speakers.
5.    The finale of blog posts – all brilliant but DownsSideUp was especially emotional.
6.    The food! Felt very jealous of the pregnant/breastfeeding mammas who had an excuse to indulge…

7.    Piggybanks! Inspired. Had great fun making ‘Priscilla – If Pigs Could Fly’. Also a huge fan of whoever did ‘Paris’ covered in tacky jewels… And all for a good cause.
8.    Half-naked men bearing champagne. So un-PC, I should be ashamed but strangely am not. Probably because my focus was more on the champagne than the half-naked men.

9.    Being inspired by experienced bloggers – Red Ted Art’s impressive viewing numbers for one…
10.  Ideas! Have come away with completely illegible notes I’ve scribbled away at the height of excitement. Unfortunately as the champagne has addled my short-term memory, I'm not entirely sure how many of them will come to fruition but at least I had fun.

The only thing I would suggest as a possible improvement to Britmumslive 2013 is for us to be given carts in order to carry home our impossibly generous swag – thank you so much!


  1. Great post. From one fellow novice blogger to another I would say you've captured the essence of Britmums beautifully. Thanks for the mention and the link. Practically Perfect Mums is very honoured!

    1. Thanks Jane. They did such a great job putting it together. Now I know where to find you next time - near the champagne and half-naked men ;)

  2. What a lovely round-up and I am so chuffed that my video blogging session was one of your highlights. Please let me know when you've made your first video - I'd love to see it!

    1. Definitely not showing you my first one. Someone wise said 'Don't publish your first three - they'll be rubbish! Use them as learning experiences.' So maybe I'll show you no.4...
      Really was a fantastic workshop though - you're a great speaker, thank you. :)

  3. Thanks so much for smiling when I needed a smile (and pie and mash!) It was a real pleasure to meet you. How did I miss Judy Murray stuff, I read an interview about her cool sports at home ideas in The Guardian a while back and I know my 3yo would love...xxx

  4. So glad to have met up with you at Britmums. :)